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Kyoto, Kansai area tour "Guests reviews"

I really appreciate everything!

Mexico Xan is from Spain and Marlene is from Mexico.It was the first time for them to visit Japan.

Xan We really didn't imagine we could enjoy so mush! Now we love Kyoto, Japan soooo much!
Marlene I am glad to by Not only travel efficiently but also have good friends in Japan.

Now we have best friends in Japan.


Nara tour was beyond my expectationI

Australia Olivia visited Nara from Australia for the first time, and applied for our service.

Olivia My guide was perfect! Just thank you so much. I was really curious of inside the Budda space but it was prohibited to enter by tourists. Then My guide started negociating and I could go inside with him specially. I was so happy that he

made a special effort for me not only seeing around.

After that he suggest that we go to a local place tourist can never know by guidebooks, this is an old style onsen. It was clearly best choice in my whole stay in Japan.

In my country, there is not such a culture. And just sighseeing by myself, it is hard to open it.It was unforgettable to feel a true Japan! So creative guide and gentle guide.


Thank you very much for showing us KyotoI

English with Swiss Claudio, Sven and Stephan came from Switzerland.They wanted to go to a secret place in Kyoto.
Claudio Our guide took us to the top of one of the highest mountains in Kyoto at night. And it was far more bueatiful than the view from Kyoto tower.This place is not written in our guidebook.

He also took us to the best Ramen restaurant in Kyoto.

Of course we tried some nice foods but it was the best ramen

I had in Japan. Thank you for amazing moments.

Sven The guide here is like a sweet cake. He gave us one of the best pastry in Kyoto.It was really surprising our tongue. We enjoyed Sake together. I didn't know how to pour sake in a traditional way, but we became sake companion. I got a good friend!

Stephan I asked a lot about Japanese system, how much it costs to live.We don't know how we are connected suddenly, it is very wonder. The guide will give you special moment absolutely.


It was soooo beautifulI


Darina is a repeater of our Tour bench service.

This is the third time to visit Japan.

DarinaI love Japan! I went to Tokyo also but Kyoto is definitely the best place in Japan. I am sure that by visiting three times.Kinkaku temple and Arashiyama are very good but the guide know better places a lot. OK, let me say it clearly, if you use this service, you can taste deep essence of Kyoto.

Life is beuatiful .


Unbelievable GuideI

Robert loves Japan.He traveled to Japan many times.festival

But he wanted to know deeper Kyoto and Kansai region and applied for our service.

RobertHow can I know such beautiful places without local person's help?

Deep, beautiful, wonderful!!

Best of the best tours! Thank you for a lovely day.


Awsome guideI

Rod and Michelle are from Hawai in USA. They joined the tour in Fushimi inari shrine in Kyoto. It was their first time visit.festival

Rod & MichelleAbsolutely we couldn't find such beauty in Fushimiinari without the local. As an insider of Kyoto, he took us to many secret places away from beaten paths. If strangers try to find by theirselves, would get lost and in such a big moutain.Thank you for sharing a real local scene!


Tour bench in KyotoI

Sophie and Jack are fantastic guests.Appreciate such a beautiful time togegher. We became friends and absolutely see again.
Sophie and JackfestivalMasahiro was such a wonderful guide. He has so much interesting information that can only come from someone who has lived in Kyoto all their lives. His English was excellent and he went out of his way to have thoughtful and intelligent conversation with us about the mountain. We would have had a far more shallow and crowded experience has we not gone with him. He takes you away from the crowds into beautiful and quiet spaces. There's been a lot of damage to the mountain after the last two typhoons but we found that interesting rather than disappointing. Do yourself a favour a meet Masahiro, you won't regret it! :-)


His recommadation is so amazingI


They are students in Singapore and joined a private tour.

Edmund and ChanIf you want to experience a really nice Kyoto, choose the tour with Masahiro! I joined a lot of experiences all over the world through airbnb but this tour was definitely incredible beyond other any tours. He is a local insider and know Japanese history and culture super well. It changed aspects of Japan and will surely come back to your tour! And the ramen you suggested was the best food in Kyoto:) Thank you again!



festivalGianluca and Sara are a nice couple from Italy. Thank you for the feedback in Italian language.

I will cook "Funghi pasta" with your recipe.

Gianluca e SaraMasahiro è una persona fantastica. E la via che si percorre è a dir poco incredibile e non affollata come la standard che tutti percorrono.Grazie mille!




Olivier joined Fushimiinari tour with his family. They are from France. Thank you for the review in French.

‎OlivierLieu unique et hôte exceptionnel. Shirakawa habite tout prêt et nous emmène à travers la forêt, sur les chemins de son enfance. Il connaît bien l’histoire du shintoïsme et du bouddhisme et transmet aux visiteurs son amour du Japon et de ce magnifique coin de nature. Une parenthèse enchantée dans un voyage déjà enchanteur.

We can highly recommend Masahiro!


Peter's family joined a day tour with his wife and children while in Easter vacation. They are a fantastic family from Denmark.

‎PeterOur private guided tour with Masahiro was amazing. Not only did we avoid crowds and lines but we also experienced Kyoto from another perspective and angle. Masahiro is on top a fantastic guy and knows Japanese history which is a great add-on during a day where you not only explore great sights but also get a greater knowledge of Japanese culture and history. We can highly recommend Masahiro.

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