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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is your Fees for one person or one group?

    We have both.There are tours for a person and for a group. For one group, you can hire per hour. It covers all the people in a car and in case that your group has more than 3 or 4 guests, it would be more economical to hire per hour.We prepare for tours so that a person or 2 persons can join on a budget as well. Please check Fees list and remarks.


  • Is it Okay for vegans?

    No worries. We have been welcomed many vegans from all over the country so we'll take you a good Japanese restaurant for you. A gluten free diet, vegetarian(No fish, no meat etc), and any religious request like Halal, feel free to let us know when you book.


  • Do you have a tour besides Kyoto?

    Yes, we conduct tours in Shiga prefecture, Mie prefecture, Wakayama prefecture, Hyogo prefecture,Osaka prefecture and Nara prefecture. These prefectures including Kyoto are called Kansai region. The tour starts from Kyoto city but covers a wide range of area.


  • Is it possible to customize our tour?

    Sure. If you have a list, we will try to take you sites on your list as long as time permits. Starting time are also flexible. Feel free to make a request.


  • What time and where does the tour starts?

    Basically we pick you up where you stay in Kyoto. But guests can decide. In case of that, please designate pick up place and the time, and the guide will pick you up there. In most cases, tour starts at your accommodation or a train station.


  • How many people can you conduct a tour?

    By car, 6 people at most. By walking, 30 people are possilbe to join at the same time. For instance, we can do hiking tour in Fushimi inari shrine famous for thousands of red gates and this tour can accomodate as many as possible.


  • Can we put baby strollers into the car?

    Our car can transport baby strollers but only the FOLDING TYPE BABY STROLLERS. Please let us know if you carry a stroller upon reservation.


  • Do you use Non-smoking vehicle?

    For the best travel experience, our vehicle is non-smoking. Please refrain from smoking during the ride.


  • Can you transfer to another city/prefecture?

    We can provide transfer to other cities and other prefectures as well. Additional cost depends on where you go and how far it is so please let us know in advance.


  • Could you give us a recommendation in Kyoto,Nara,Osaka,Shiga,Mie,Wakayama and Kobe?

    There are too many to list up.. Let us suggest some as below


    Kyoto Kyoto Museum for World Peace Museum on wars
    Kyoto Uji green tea
    Kyoto Arashiyama monkey park nature
    Kyoto Manga museum entertainment
    Kyoto Kodaiji temple
    Kyoto Byodo-in temple
    Kyoto Daigo-ji temple
    Kyoto Imperial mausoleum of Emperor Toba imperial heritage
    Kyoto Jonangu maccha tea place
    Kyoto Nijo-jo castle
    Kyoto Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine
    Kyoto Ginkaku-ji temple
    Kyoto Heian Jingu shrine
    Kyoto Kurumazaki Jinja shrine
    Kyoto Kinkaku-ji temple
    Kyoto Kiyomizu-dera temple
    Kyoto Philosopher's path Kitaro Nishida's promenade
    Kyoto Ninna-ji temple
    Kyoto Ryoan-ji temple
    Kyoto Sanjusangen-do temple
    Kyoto Tenryu-ji temple
    Kyoto Tofuku-ji temple
    Kyoto Toji temple
    Kyoto Yasaka Jinja shrine
    Nara Hokki-ji temple
    Nara Yoshino yama mountain
    Nara Kasuga Taisha shrine
    Nara Kofuku-ji temple
    Nara Nara Park park
    Nara Todai-ji temple
    Nara Yakushi-ji temple
    Osaka Dotonbori River Area shopping & entertainment
    Osaka Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan aquarium
    Osaka Nipponbashi Denden Town real Otaku paradise!
    Osaka Osaka Castle castle
    Osaka Osaka Expo Park sports/museums/tea houses
    Osaka Shitenno-ji temple
    Osaka Tsutenkaku Tower panorama/entertainment
    Osaka Universal Studios Japan entertainment
    Shiga Miho museum museum
    Shiga Biwako lake sports
    Shiga Ibukiyama mountain
    Kobe Akashi Kaikyo Bridge panorama
    Kobe Arima Onsen hot spring
    Kobe Kobe Chinatown gourmet
    Kobe Kobe Harborland shopping area
    Kobe Kobe Maritime Museum museum
    Kobe Kobe Port Tower panorama
    Kobe Mt Maya and Mt Rokko panorama,temples
    Kobe Nada Sake Brewery museums
    Mie Ninja house(Iga-ryu) museum
    Mie Kumanokodo hike
    Mie Ise zingu shrine
    Mie Suzuka circuit motorsports
    Mie Gozaishodake mountain
    Wakayama Shirahama safari park zoo
    Wakayama Nachinotaki waterfall
    Wakayama Koyasan temples


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