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Show you a variety of interesting courses


Countryside in Kyoto away from the city


Visit a village in Kyoto which has an oldest taste since before


What we will do

Our guests ask us where they should go after seeing and enjoying all world heritages in Kyoto city. For such people who would like nature,the most authentic atomosphere and wodden houses, we suggest a village in countryside. On the way to the place called Miyama, we also show you the most spiritually important shrine in Kyoto away from downtown. Be ready to feel the real energy.

Where we'll meet

We pick you up where you stay or at Kyoto station.

Where we'll be

We will go to the most spiritually powerful shrine and the oldest village

Guest requirements

Minimum age is 0.

Maximum group size


Price per guest


At what time will we typically host your experience

9:00AM to 17:00PM( 4 hours driving for a round trip)

When do we need to know your booking request

At least 3 days before




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