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A day tour in Kyoto city


You can choose where you are interested in

We are also happy to suggest a local heritage not as crowd as famous temples and shrines.

What we will do

We don't usually decide a detailed itinerary beforehand because it always changes on the spot.

We will listen to your request, and start from one popular place.

We will also suggest to visit some off-the-beaten-path temples.

Below are sample itineraries.

Sample Tours

üEast side of Kyoto
Sanjusangendo temple`Kiyomizudera Temple`Lunch`Fushimi Inari shrine(Hike to the top)
üGolden Temple
Nijo castle`Ninaji Temple`Lunch`Ryoanji temple`Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion temple)
üWorld Heritage
Kiyomizu Temple`Nijo Castle`Lunch`Ryoanji
üEast Side
Nanzenji Temple`Lunch`Silver Temple`Rengeji Temple
üWest Side
Otagi nenbutsuji temple`Ryoanji temple`Lunch`Gioji temple`Bamboo Forest
üSuburb outside Kyoto city
Ise zingu shrineiˆÉ¨_‹{jone day trip
Ise zingu Geku(the Outer Shrine of Ise) `Lunch(Soba)`Ise zingu naiku(the Inner Shrine of Ise)


üGolden temple
The Golden Temple was built by Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, one of the most famaous Shoguns(Generals),in 1397 and listed as a World Heritage Site in 1994.
üFushimi Inari Sirine
Fushimi shrine is the top of 30,000 Inari Shinto shrines across Japan.Inari is a god for business, safety and performance.Famous for the tunell formed by numerous orange gates, which is called Thousands Gates. The Actual number is more than ten thousands. We usually visit the main shrine and inner shrine. It usually takes about 2hour and 30 minutes if we climb the mountain.
üSanjusangendo temple
A Buddhist temple. Inside a 750 year-old building, you can see over one thousand wooden statues.One thousand and one "Senju-Kannon(Thousand-armed Avalokiteshvara)" enshrine side by side in the hall besides the beautiful Japanese garden.
üKiyomizudera temple
The main hall is on the hillside of Mt. Otowa surrounded by beautiful nature. Famous for its splended scenery from the mountain. (The main hall is under renovation until 2020.) It is the historic monuments of ancient Kyoto since778,before Kyoto became the imperial capital of Japan in 794.You can enjoy wealthy nature from the significant terrace.
üNishiki market
Make a tour of eating dainty food for lunch:)
üNijo-jo castle
Built by Tokugawa Shogun in 1603. Famous for its beautiful garden, murals, wooden carvings, and
üTenryu-ji temple
Since 1994, it has been listed as a World heritage site of UNESCO.

Where we can visit

Select from all of shrines and temples in Kyoto and suburb
Kiyomizudera Temple
Kodaiji Temple
Nanzenji Temple
Ninnaji Temple
Ryoan-ji Temple
Tofukuji Temple
Otagi Nenbutsu-jiTemple
Adashino Nenbutsuji Temple
Ginkakuji Temple
Kinkakuji Kyoto's Golden Temple
Sanjusangendo Temple
Five stories Pagoda at Toji Temple
Zingoji Temple
Temryu-ji Temple
Golden TempleiRokuon-ji temple)
Silver Temple
Uji Byodoin Temple
Ise Zingu shrine(Mie prefecture)
Fushimi Inari Taisya ShrineiThousand torii)
Heianjingu Shrine
Shimogamo Shrine
Kamigamo Shrine
Yasaka Shrine
Yoshida Shrine
Zyonangu Shrine
Ebisu Shrine
River side
üArashiyama,Togetsu-kyo bridge
Arashiyama is located the west side of Kyoto. THere are beautiful Japanese architectures and nature.

üSagano bamboo forest street
The magnificent forest and elegant gardens have been appreciated for hundreds of years.

Philosopher's Path
Katsura river
Kamo river

What we will provide for guests

Taxi & guide

Meeting point

Kyoto station or if you stay in a hotel or guest house in Kyoto, we pick you up where you stay.


Indicated price does not include guests admission fees of temples. The guide is free since we have the tourist guide licences.Each entrance can cost from 300 - 600 JPN for one person. You don't have to pay for the tour guide.There are places for free as well. We basically take you a spot which does NOT cost to enter unless you make a request to visit a certain place.

Maximum group size


Price per guest


At what time will we typically host your experience

9:30AM ` 17:30PM

¦Possible to adjust to your most convenient time.

When do we need to know your booking request

3 hours before start time




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